Tuesday, January 7, 2014

And so it begins.......

Launching a new addition to the Bipolar Hot Mess Empire!  I figure, why not take my experiences of working in the legal field as a paralegal for about 8 years, a year of law school, 2 bachelors degrees (1 in Criminal Justice, 1 in Paralegal Studies), combined with my experiences being charged with a crime and going through the legal system on the other side, and being a prison wife (so having to deal with those issues and watching first hand what my husband was going through), I think I have a pretty good perspective on all sides and can look at the cases very objectively from all points of view. Lets see if I can help erase the bad rep that goes along with those with mental illnesses and being thought of as dangerous etc. Not all criminals have a mental illness and not all of those with a mental illness commit crimes! I'm going to prove that! 

So, now the question is........ which case to I start with???????????????????

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